Pakistani Food in Dubai

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Pakistani Food

Pakistani food has been developed from Muslims (those who practice the Islam religion) in the continent region. They love food such as beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables. Then, the Moghul Empire introduced the style of cooking, called Mughal, typically includes such ingredients as herbs and spices, almonds, and raisins. Mughal cooking remains an important part of Pakistani Food such as

Shahi Tukra

a dessert made with sliced bread, milk, cream, sugar, and saffron (a type of spice).

Chicken Tandoori

are still enjoyed which is a chicken that is cooked at a low temperature in special large clay ovens called tandoors a famous Pakistani food.

Punjabi Haleem

This Punjabi Haleem, involve many of food ingredients like lentils, rice, meat or maze, but the amalgam of this kind of product, surely it is very delicious and tasty in the form of Haleem. They are served, most of the time with Naan, a real taste of Pakistani food.

Halwa Puri

HalwaPuri is a special type of breakfast food in Pakistan. It is normally originated from Punjab but it is famous all over the world for the very good taste and the beautiful color of it. Halwa is a sweet but very popular dish that involves Suji, which is a kind of flour and sugar mostly, while Puri is made out of flour that is then deep fried in the oil, the pure Pakistani food.

Kabab Naan

Kebabs naan we are famous to serve in Dubai, it is not really a dishes but essential meals to a Pakistani dining table. The kebab, is made from minced meat and cooked on fire like a BBQ whereas naan is kind of Rotti made with flour dough, daily routine Pakistani food.
There is a very wide variety of kebabs added in Pakistani food and Menu like, Tikka Kabab, Shami Kabab, Seekh Kabab, and Gola Kabab. Naan has many forms too, like Aloo Nan, Roghni Nan, Keema Nan etc. we are famous to serve all these food in real Desi and traditional style.


Pakistani foods without Biryani is incomplete. There is No Pakistani dining experience without its vicinity. It is essentially famous all over the world and people in Dubai Love this dish. It is produced from rice and meat of any sort. Biryani took numerous structures and shapes and even formula varieties here. We serve a wide range of Biryani, for example, Mutton Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, Tikka Biryani, Aalo Biryani and so on. make a List of Pakistani food.

Punjabi Lessi

This delicious drink might be appreciated sweet or salty. People in Pakistan normally drink lassi sweet in breakfast, and salty at lunch or dinner. Punjabi Lessi is a blend of yogurt and sugar, sometime milk is added toping. You would love to sleep after having a glass of Lessi, is important of Pakistani Food.

Desi Chicken Karahi

There are various types of ways to cook Karahi of meat in Pakistan. Karahi is a Pot used to cook food, but it is a tradition in Pakistan to cook meat in it and serve in its own particular container. There are wide range of Karahi we serve at our Restaurant. Please ask one for your next visit to take any Pakistani food.

Pakistani Food

Shami Kabab Haleem at Desi Taste

01.chicken karahi Daal Chawal at Pakistani Restaurant

Pakistani Food -Chicken Biryani