Fish Fry

fish fry at desi taste

Fish Fry a Famous Dish in dubai

The Fresh local fish we marinate with Desi spice overnight and the fried in vegetable oil. Then served with Desi Naan and Desi souses, garnished with black paper. fish fry is our famous dish.
We are famous to serve local fish fry for many years. the best time to eat fish is the afternoon and evening. we are mostly packed on the week end and late evening. please reserve your table in advance to avoid Que.
We take fish from the local market and prepare it with our Desi spices. we keep in mind that fish is a healthy food and you can enjoy healthy food with taste at Desi Taste Restaurant.

Why Desi Taste Restaurant is Famous for Fried Fish

1. We have many years of experience.
2. We use fresh fish taken from the local market.
3. We use high quality ingredient in our Desi Recipe.
4. We use fresh vegetable oil for every day cooking and we do not reuse it again.
5. We take care of hygienic very seriously and follow all the government rules and regulation.
6. We take care of customers and understand their taste.

How many types of Fried fish we server at our Restaurant

We use many kind of fishes in our restaurant. the taste of each and every fish has been developed with years of experience. the mostly available fish in the local market are named as:
The seas around the Dubai are home to a rich diversity of marine fish, with over 50 species recorded, ranging from large Fish to small fish. Although freshwater fish are Famous in the UAE.
1. Shaari Eshkeli
The best taste of such fish you can enjoy only at Desi Taste Restaurant, and that is why the our Famous for Fish fry in Dubai. Your one time visit will bring you next time with your family and friends.