We Server Wide Range of Karahi

Desi style of Karahi at Desi Taste you can enjoy not only one kind but a wide range. The each one has been prepared by mixture of different spice and recipe varies in any kind of Karahi. The taste of each kind of dish make it unique from each other. Every one will last you long and remind you to be selective.
Call it chicken or mutton dish, we have one of the ever famous and loved food. whether you are from Lahore or Karachi, or any part of the world, it is a all time favorite dish. At Desi Taste, we blend the best and authentic spices to give a real traditional taste of it that you have ever eaten. Not only for dine in, we deliver the dishes at your home or office in your privacy and provide catering services for any or your party or family get together function.
Like the

Achari Karahi

, which is a blend with special spices to give you the special Desi flavour

Peshawar Karahi

is made with chicken or mutton for giving mouthwatering unforgettable taste.

Ginger Karahi

has more ginger taste giving it an authentic from its origin.

Nawabi Karahi

comes from the authentic and ancient tribes where the kings and queen used to enjoy this special dish for their buffet. it is served a special season to enhance the taste.

Chami Dish

is one of the famous dishes from Peshawar. It is made with bone and boneless chicken or mutton, then, it is mixed with well known spices and the natural fat to give the juicy and traditional flavor.

White Dish

Every ones favorite dish, very light spice and made in black papers not a spice at all. delicious and very outclass looking, well presentable. you can enjoy it with Desi naan. you can include it in your next order when having a dinner at desi taste restaurant.
Karahi at Desi Taste
White Karahi ar Desi Taste
White Karahi Desi Taste
Chicken Karahi at Desi Taste
Bonless Karahi at Desi Taste