iftar buffetIftar buffet at Desi Taste Restaurant

Iftar Buffet at Desi Taste Restaurant @ AED 38/-only

Invite and greet Your Family and Friends with amazing Iftar Buffet Party at Desi Taste Restaurant. The delicious food must amuse you during this holy month of Ramadan. You need advance book for group. As, we have mostly packed and advance booking will make you comfortable. it is first come first serve basis. The environment and the food are amazing and you would break your fast with the food that remind you real taste of Pakistani Dishes. Therefore, It is great to have a best Pakistani food here in Dubai. So, The food made of pure Desi recipe. Also, many Pakistani dishes we serve in the buffet are not limited to Barbeque, Karahi, Biryani, Fried Fish and much more.

Desi Taste Restaurant offers a variety of Pakistani dishes at Iftar buffet. the taste will be great. you must love to have a once during this holy month of Ramadan, so, we will assure the taste of real food with tradition. We have very special buffet party on upcoming Friday, that you would not miss it.

Pakistani Biryani

Desi Taste Restaurant server pure taste of Pakistani Biryani. further, there are many versions of the aromatic and colorful Biryani from meat such as, chicken, mutton, and beef, also for seafood lover there is fish. However, the most famous recipe of all time in Pakistan is of Chicken Biryani. Addition to this, Pakistani cuisine known for its richness and flavour. Which is originated from Mughal Muslim culinary traditions.
More, during the holly month of Ramadan, Desi Taste offers all types of Biryani. Also, it includes in the buffet package. So, what you are waiting for to have a great experience of Pakistani Cuisine. Therefore, you would have all this at Iftar buffet.