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Welcome you to the real world of traditional Desi Taste from Pakistan

The Desi Taste is a part of small family of exceptionally excellent Pakistani Restaurant. The Traditional food of Desi Taste Restaurant reminds you to your home country and your delicious loving home dishes. We gives you to all that in the heart of Discovery Gardens Dubai. We are the first restaurant located at Discovery Gardens to give you great hospitality and excellent homely taste of Pakistani Dishes. We present Pakistani food and the pure taste of traditional recipe in style to the residents of Dubai. we love food to serve and cook and it is our passion.

So, Finally you can say!

We use real fresh local vegetables and meet. then, marinate that in traditional recipe of Pakistani Dishes to generate taste. The Food you must love it and become a regular customer of us. We take our theme and philosophy very seriously and do not compromise at any case the comfortably of our customers at our premise.

Family Oriented Fine Dine-in Restaurant

When you are on the lookout for a new place to eat. you might ask someone who’s been there in the restaurant, of course. If you don’t have someone to personally ask, then you would always turn to online reviews.

It’s no secret people are highly influenced by reviews given by foodies, especially when it comes to dining out. Even if you’re not eating at a restaurant everyday, you most dine out multiple times in any given week. With so many restaurants competing for attention, what’s the best way to get customers at Desi Taste Restaurant.

We take factors into consideration when deciding the management of a Pakistani Restaurant. It’s not just about how great the food tastes but how good the service is, how polite the employees are, and how well maintained the facilities are. The truth is, consumers are trusting advertising less and less and turning to reviews to find out what dining at a restaurant is really like.

Muttin Kabab at Desi Tsate

Chicken Kabab at Desi TasteDesi Kabab at Desi Taste

A team allways feel happy to serve you and serve you again

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Supervision Umar Nawaz

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The job of Restaurant is not to manage but to satisfy our customers. and Mr. Asif is playing a vital role to understand your…