Desi Taste BBQ Specialist

We provide marinated barbecue chicken and mutton on your party or family get together, you can make bbq on the beach or barbecue in the desert.

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Desi Taste BBQ Specialist

The unforgettable taste of Barbecue that will last long and bring you back next time with your love ones, friends and family to rock a BBQ party at Desi Taste in Desi Style!

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Specialised in Biryani

We serve a verity of Biryani Rice, e.g. Dum Biryani, Haydrabdi Biryani, Zafrani Biryani, BBQ Biryani and take a bulk order for any event & Parties.

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Wide Variety of Karahi

the unforgettable taste of Karahi, the real spice of Pakistani food, remind you the finest restaurant recipe of white Karahi

Taste a Plate

A place for Fried Fish lover!

We serve best fried fish in Dubai, the delicious taste of fresh local fish remind you the best fish you have eaten ever

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Good News 4 Sea Food Lover

We have a variety of Fish Dishes, Like BBQ Fish, Fried Fish, Fish Biryani and Many more, see more detail in Desi Menu

Desi Menu

Best BBQ Restaurant

We are specialist of BBQ and Chicken Tikka is our highly selling dish, every one love it to add in the menu.

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